You Say You Want An Awakened Woman? Then Listen…

Published By Elephant Journal ~ October 15, 2015

You say you want an awakened woman?

I hear your words but want to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

It will mean that you have to really show up, in ways you may never have before.

An awakened woman’s expectations of herself and those she allows into her space are high.

She will expect you to meet her in every way and challenge her to go far outside her comfort zone.

To push her into realms she has not yet explored on her journey into really knowing herself.

She will ask that you really “see” her, not just what is on the surface, and not what she chooses to show you,

But what is underneath the layers of mystery she still wraps around her like a cloak to ensure you are worthy of her love.

If you really want an awakened, conscious woman, be prepared for a wild ride…




Why Women Need to Stop Trash Talking Other Women

Published By Elephant Journal ~ January 18, 2016

“You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building up one another instead of tearing each other down.”

My assistant was recently sharing some really disturbing stories about how her friends had been treating her since her return home from college. Feelings of now being different, feeling “left out,” and just general meanness permeated much of her conversation.

Although I remember much of that petty gossiping, comparing myself against others and taking sides against another friend in my 20s, I certainly don’t miss it. It breaks my heart that these young girls aren’t yet able to see that the women they are dissing and tossing aside now are the very same ones they will want and need later in life when things get tough.

So much this type of nasty behaviour happens in our younger years, long before we’ve had a chance to form those strong, resilient and impenetrable bonds that seem to progressively happen as we get older. But I still see this type of behavior happening amongst women of all ages. I see grown women in their 40’s and 50’s looking others up and down, judging what they wear, the number of lines on their faces, the people they hang out with, their partners, weight changes—pretty much anything about the way they may be choosing to live.


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