Hearts That Have Been Touched…

tracy1 “I was shocked with how accurate Dina was when she channeled for me. Her information was clear and straightforward and there were things Dina said that no one could ever know, so it was obvious this message was specifically for me. It was like she was on the phone with Spirit and repeating what they were telling her! Our session helped me navigate a very emotional situation where I was confused and 2nd guessing myself. After my session with Dina, I knew I was on the right path. I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck in a relationship or has any doubts about a situation. She’s sure to be able to help guide you and shine a light on the situation.”

 ~ Tracy B, Creative Designer 

LIndaF “I have been working with many spiritual teachers and intuitives for the past 30 years. Dina is the MOST talented, insightful, spot on, accurate intuitive I have had the pleasure to work with in my life. I seek her guidance, support and direction when life gets tough and I don’t have the answers. Her talent is nothing short of amazing! ”  

~ Linda F, Massage Therapist


Dina is an intuitive powerhouse! From my first phone call with Dina she was dead on with what was going on with my situation. She was even so accurate to use a term with me that only one other person ever called me.  She helped me become more aware of my own intuition while helping me overcome my blockages.   She is a trustworthy and caring person that has compassion while also knowing when to be tough and push you. I highly recommend her and that is why I continue to work with her today.”

~ Eric J, Actor/Comedian/Writer

LisaG“It was clear when Dina started channeling that she tapped into a very broad and deep expanse of collective wisdom.  The words rolled out with conviction and such love.  She dialed into my situation with compassion  and offered clear insight to help me make decisions.  As a result of working with her, I trusted my past choices and expanded into new possibilities for what’s next.  None of us have perspective for our own lives, so it’s comforting to have Dina’s sessions to help me get clarity from a neutral and wise place.  Then there’s also those fun  “aha” moments when she gets a detail she couldn’t possibly have known just to remind me the magic is real.  Working with Dina is definitely an experience I’m glad I gave myself!”

 ~ Lisa G, Hand Analyst/Life Coach

Robert“Dina is driven by something beyond this world. She became my inner voice that I struggled to listen to and that advocate that believed in me more than I believed in myself. In working with her I felt like I had guardian angels watching over me because the info she gave me was definitely coming from Divine source. Dina has been through a lot in her life and has the experience to give you great perspective when your own emotions are getting in the way of making decisions. As a result of working with her, I gained so much clarity with all the stuff I was struggling with.”

~ Robert, Furniture Designer


“I have been lucky enough to work with Dina in my professional and personal development.  She has been the greatest mentor I have ever known. To call her gifted would be an understatement.  She is the definition of a healer and intuitive. Dina is a woman of action, who will always find a way to help in any given situation. I can rave forever about this truly unique and talented soul, but she’s someone you must meet for yourself. I will forever be grateful for all the ways she has and continues to help me on my journey.  Working with her will change your life.”

~ Colette, Events Coordinator

Jason_Boehm “Dina Strada has an intuitive gift to guide people gracefully and lovingly through breakups and life’s other challenges.  She can help you transform those challenges into a more confident, empowered and wiser version of you.  Dina’s smart, caring and candid approach makes her an equally brilliant writer and coach. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

~ Jason, Board Certified Nutrition Specialist

“I started working with Dina because I needed to ease the emotional burden I had been placing on parents and siblings. What I liked about Dina is that she has been through more trials than me and has emerged graceful, strong, dignified, optimistic and undefeated. This is what I wanted for myself. I wanted a way to strengthen myself so that I could make the hard choices coming my way and be an active force in my life instead of a passive woman reacting. I understand that many things are not in our control, but the ability to face hardships with love, compassion and strength is. Dina’s strength is a quiet one like mine and I needed to keep working on facing, feeling and breathing through my fears. I love her and highly recommend her.”

~ Nadine, Television Producer

Emily“The experience of working with Dina was an incredibly moving and healing one. She quickly accessed intuitive information, getting straight to the heart of the matter and communicating it in a way that was as comforting as it was straight forward. What I appreciated most about working with her was her focus on guiding me to a place where I could confidently navigate the present moment. I walked away from my sessions with Dina feeling confident and aligned with my own intuition, and am extremely grateful to have found such an on-point channeler and intuitive guide.”

 ~ Emily, Writer


“If Dina were on everyone’s call list, there would be far less worry or stress of not having answers. Dina is an efficient, bright, and focused woman with a gift for connecting with divine spirit, and she has beautifully manifested a way to share it. Hear her heart in every message. We have worked together on bright miraculous terms and I have been witness to Dina’s magnificent character. It is time to step into her arena and bless your life with clarity.”  

~  LeeAnn, Spiritual Artist/Author

Patrick_CroppedI have had many different intuitive readings in the past, but through Dina I experienced a rare gift. We began with me asking a question, to which she received immediate feedback from “Spirit,” as she calls it.   After a few pointed questions, and a bit of background she was able to  fully tap into stuff she couldn’t possibly know, bouncing around topics and not needing direction. She was able to provide timelines for things and give thoughtful insight and suggestions that helped me navigate my way out of some situations where I felt completely blocked.   After our sessions, I had more clarity as to what to do and a deeper understanding of myself.” 

~ Patrick, Product Manager

 NikkiG“Dina’s passion and desire to help others is a true gift.  She is deeply  intuitive, caring, encouraging, truthful and warm.  She provides a safe space to help you work through whatever fears and challenges you’re facing.  She also helps me tap into my own intuition, which is sometimes clouded due to my own fears and doubt.  I always feel a sense of clarity after working with her. She helps you do the tough and sometimes uncomfortable internal work you need to do in order to grow and move forward. “

Nicole, Field Producer

   unspecified“I have done both a distance Reiki and an energy clearing with Dina. The energy clearing was really helpful and seemed to be very accurate. About a month after the clearing I decided to try the distance Reiki and am so glad that I did. I truly felt centered, calm and peaceful afterward. I would highly recommend trying either to anyone who is feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Dina is so professional and has gone above and beyond to help me.” 

~ Lisa P, Non-Profit Director 

SarahM“There were a bunch of us recently discussing the gift that Dina has to see in others what they should do with their lives. She sees their faults as ways to improve and shows people how to turn negatives into positives. She’s done this for me and so many others.  Dina has a way of identifying what makes people want to go forward, what they’re afraid of, and what skills are so a part of them that they couldn’t stop even if they tried. She taught me how to use my perceived “faults” in a positive way… How to incorporate them and not fight them. It’s a gift so few people have. She has impacted people’s lives more than she will ever know.” 
~ Sarah M, Producer 

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