Tarot Card Readings

I have been reading Tarot cards for the past 4 years. It was kinda an “under the radar” nobody-knows-this-about-me thing I did for fun, but slowly turned into a pretty public thing the more I read cards for people.

I am not a psychic and I can’t predict the future reading someone’s cards. I am just the interpreter of the cards that show up in your spread. The cards always come up the way they are meant to to give you insight into what’s currently going on in your life and what’s manifesting in the future for you.

However, when I’m doing a reading for a person I read the current energy in the present moment. And because we all have free will, there are many paths that a person may choose to take which will alter what the future holds for them. We all have the power to change what comes next.

Therefore, my readings should just be used for clarity, guidance, and deeper insight into a situation. I tell people to use a reading as a tool to explore what’s really going on and to use me as an Intuitive to help empower and guide you to use the information that comes up in your reading  in a way that best serves you.

I use 2 decks. The Rider-Waite deck and Doreen Virtue’s  Oracle Angel Cards.




Readings can be done in person, via Skype or over the phone. Since most of my clients don’t live in LA, most of my readings are done via phone. I will pull cards for you, take a picture of the spread and email it to you so you can have it in front of you during our reading.

Types of Readings:

3 Card Spread ~ (Past, Present, future). Best used when you have a specific question. A 3-card spread will indicate how the Past is affecting the situation, the Present situation or problem and the Future (Choice, solution, guidance on how to move forward). Price = $35

7 Card Spread with Angel Cards ~ I use this spread when you have a specific situation you need guidance with and call in your angels and  guides to communicate with you through the reading. Price = $45

Celtic Cross Spread~  This classic 11 card spread is the the most common reading I do for clients. It addresses all aspects of your life and gives a detailed overview of your current situation, what’s coming up and what you need to be aware of moving forward. Best for anyone looking for a general reading.

Price = $65

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