The 6 Best Spiritual Teachings of Wayne Dyer To Get Over Yourself

Published by Elephant Journal ~ January 11,2017

It was six months after I separated from my ex that I met Wayne Dyer for the first time.

He spoke at a World Summit in Pasadena, California and I was absolutely transfixed from the moment he stepped on stage.

Wayne was powerful beyond measure, as anyone familiar with his work knows. He had a candid, no nonsense way about him and infused some of the most profound teachings I heard that day with a heaping dose of humor.

I didn’t realize until recently, while poring through a journal of notes from his workshop, how his spiritual teachings have become a part of who I am today. They helped me release old patterns of behavior that had created anguish in my life and taught me the proper way to love somebody.

With that, I share with you the six most impactful teachings this brilliantly insightful and inspiring man shared with thousands of people that day. These are the ones that transformed me from the broken-hearted, shattered woman I was at that moment in my life into the strong, compassionate and empowered woman I believe I am today: