We Choose Whether To Accept Someone As They Are Or Walk Away

Part of opening ourselves up to love means being vulnerable and letting people in. In doing this, we take the risk of getting hurt.

None of us who have deeply and passionately loved another person has gotten off scott free from having our hearts broken and our lives turned upside down by being so vulnerable.

I’ve gone through my own share of losses and my life being dismantled like anyone else and what I’ve learned is this….

You can focus on the loss or you can focus on the task of rebuilding your life.

You can focus on the hurt or your can focus on the healing.

You can focus on how unfairly you were treated or dismissed or betrayed or you can focus on the red flags & signposts you missed so that you can recognize them the next time someone else walks into your life that you are considering opening your heart to.

WE CHOOSE. We CHOOSE the lessons we take from the experience and how we can learn from the heartache.

We CHOOSE what kind of people and behavior from those people are acceptable in our lives moving forward.

We CHOOSE to not allow anyone or anything cause us to just shut down, push people away and run from something else in the future that might bring us the happiness we deserve.

The answer is in simply being more discerning about who we open our hearts to in the future. Because we are all so deserving of love. And we teach people how to treat us.

So REBUILD. Keep your heart OPEN. GROW yourself from the pain. And TRUST that the Universe has something better for you in the most Divine timing.

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